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Our school was founded in 2014. My life took on a new meaning from that moment. I am very inspired by what we do every day. After all, we help our students to discover talents, to be filled with the creative energy and inspiration. We also help them to discover new profession. I am very glad to be a part of this beautiful world – peace, creation and creativity! I am also grateful to our students and partners for choosing Fantasy Room. Because of you, our project became international and is presented in 4 countries and 7 cities. More than 60 people of our fantasy family work on the project, improving it for you every day.

Founder - Alina Gaidukovych

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'Thanks for your course Fashion illustration in Procreate! Tutor is fantastic! From April to August of this year, I studied with you on a digital course and it’s success. I found my first illustrator job right after!!! Also, on a premium account, I will have lifetime access to the lessons! I can always return, and to any topic and lesson I need!'
'I have been creating art all my life. I could always imagine in detail what I want and how it should look like: from interior design to clothes and accessories. One question remained open: "How to bring this to the world?" The ability to draw came to my aid: it was the profession of a fashion illustrator that inspired me to create a personal clothing brand. Now I can bring all my ideas and dreams to life, inspiring others to create beauty.'
'Before, I did not believe that I could draw, but now I draw all the time, not only with pencils, but also with the help of digital technology. I am happy that I got acquainted with the world of fashion illustration. I want to create beauty and share it with the world further, creating portraits and conveying various textures of clothing through illustration.'

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